Repostor has two different payment models, available for all products, one Subscription model and one Licensing model. Choose the model that fits best for your company.


The Subscription Model

Our Subscription Model is based on the size of the database to be protected. We measure your data usage on a monthly basis and will charge regularly according to agreed contract. Full support is included in the price.


  • Usage is measured by the size of the databases to be protected
  • Flexibility to add a limitless amount of database hosts, with a minimum of administrative tasks
  • The right to install newer software releases
  • Access to all of Repostors solutions
  • Bug reporting
  • Problem determination support
  • Installation support
  • Support during office hours 08:00-17:00 (Timezone CET/CEST)

Snap Protector

0,2 €/GB 

Minimum amount is 50 € / month.

Data Protector

0,1 €/GB 

Minimum amount is 50 € / month.


The Licensing Model

Our Licensing Model is a one time payment. One year limited support is included, extra support will be charged separately. This is a host based licensing model. 


  • Beneficial for small enterprises with small databases

Limited service

  • To relocate a license from one database to another is not included
  • Support during office hours 08:00-17:00 (Timezone CET/CEST)
  • One year limited service is included

Data Protector

700 € /license

MySQL / MariaDB

1400 € /license

FirebirdSQL / Ingres / PostgreSQL / Progress Open Edge 4GL / Sybase ASE / Sybase IQ

Snap Protector

14 000 € /license

All databases


Reposter is an IT company that specializes in developing backup and recovery solutions. We are a born global business with customers and resellers all over the world. Our vision is to become the preferred choice for business continuity.

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